Think about this.

Our government regulates our showers. They regulate our toilets. They regulate our light bulbs. They regulate our electric and heat sources. They regulate our water. They regulate our home and self protection, and want even more regulations on that.

They regulate, in many cases, what we can and cannot put into our bodies. They regulate what our children eat in schools. They regulate what our children learn in schools. They regulate how much we earn, be it too much or too little. Through federal, state and local taxes they regulate our finances. They regulate the cost of labor while regulating the young and inexperienced out of jobs.

They regulate our health care, or lack thereof. They make life saving drugs harder to come by through regulation. They dictate what the majority must pay for to benefit a few.

What aspect of our lives are they not regulating at this point? It seems that would be a simpler question than asking how much they are regulating. I just keep waiting for the leftist anarchists to start screeching about keeping government out of their bodies. I won’t hold my breath, seeing that the leaders those same leftists have chosen are further eroding our liberties, and these morons are just fine with it.

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