The Benghazi scandal has truly become Watergate for the media themselves.

Months too late, and only after stunning revelations from whistleblower after whistleblower, members of the Obama-serving media are beginning to ask the questions they should have asked in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans by terrorists on September 11, 2012. At the time, the media members (with a few exceptions) were too busy trying to drag President Obama to re-election. Only now that his second term is safe have they begun to do their jobs. Too little, too late.

That became crystal clear on Monday in a blockbuster exchange between a CNN reporter, State Department acting deputy spokesperson Patrick Ventrell, and a Fox News reporter. Ventrell was asked about the latest reports of Benghazi whistleblowers stating that military assets were told to stand down as Americans were killed in Benghazi; Benghazi survivors were silenced by the administration; and the Obama administration changed public talking points to reflect the notion that Benghazi was not a planned terrorist attack. Ventrell pled ignorance: “In terms of these potential transcripts out there, we haven’t seen the transcripts.”

At that point, a CNN reporter piped up, “Yeah, you have. Oh, yes, you have. Come on, Patrick.” Ventrell again denied that he had copies of the transcripts from the whistleblowers. The CNN reporter repeated, “Well, you’ve seen them – I mean, you’ve seen – you know the gist of what they’re saying and what their arguments are.”

“First of all,” the questioner continued, “Greg Hicks makes charges that he thought that there were assets in Libya that could have been able to be sent from Tripoli to Benghazi that night, and they were rejected. I mean, there are numerous charges that he makes.”

That’s when a Fox News reporter interjected. He was obviously frustrated by the fact that the White House has stonewalled the Benghazi situation for months based on the outright lie that this was a ginned-up exercise in partisanship from crazy right-wing Fox News. And he was just as obviously frustrated that only now, after eight months of complete apathy from the water-carrying leftist media, was the leftist media beginning to take notice. “Let the record reflect,” the Fox News reporter said, “that that was CNN asking that question and not Fox News. Please continue.”

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