President Obama has been granting highly personal access to major fundraisers, using golf – which in the past has been almost exclusively a recreational pursuit – to provide his money men with hours of presidential face time.

Obama’s self-created political persona is that of a man above traditional politics seeking to eradicate the influence of money. But the president is at least creating the appearance of access buying by granting top donors large slices of his valuable time.

Obama played golf on separate occasions in Martha’s Vineyard this month with two major “bundlers” – those who solicit donations from others – for his 2012 campaign. One, businessman Robert Wolf, assembled more than $500,000 from donors. Another, attorney Eunu Chun, was brought into Obama’s foursome after the round had already begun, resulting in Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest being booted off the course to make way for the guest of honor.

Last February, during Obama’s long-weekend golf excursion to Florida that featured a round with Tiger Woods, the president brought another half-million-plus bundler onto the links with him – Houston attorney Tony Chase.

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