Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts of America decided to lower their standards and Christian values due to the relentless pressure of gay activists. They voted to allow gay scouts into what started out as a Christian organization for boys. Not long after, a group of men, some of which had spent years with the Boy Scouts, announced that they were forming a new scout-like organization for boys that would be Bible-based and Christ centered. This new organization recently held a convention in Nashville to officially launch their group – Trail Life USA. Their motto is ‘Walk Worthy.”

The auditorium was packed with 1200 people, anxiously waiting to get in on the ground floor of the new organization. Men from 44 different states were in attendance and like the leaders of Trail Life USA, most of them had been involved with the Boy Scouts and left when they opened the doors to homosexuals.

Randy Sharp, Director of Special Projects was in attendance and told OneNewNow: “It’s exciting to see that these men and these boys are saying, We’re going to stand on the truth – and when the organization we’ve been aligned with for so many years varies from God’s Word, then we’re going to move on.”

“It’s God-honoring. It’s very Christ-centered. We got a sneak peek at some of the curriculum, some of the handbook material, and we were amazed to find that on the edges of the pages were scripture for the boys to learn, to read, to meditate on, and to memorize.”

This all sounds great and promising, but I caution you to tread lightly and do some investigating into Trail Life USA before getting involved or allowing your sons to join. As much as Trail Life USA claims to be Bible based and Christ centered, they, like the Boy Scouts will allow gay boys to join. Earlier this summer when it was announced that the organization was forming, one of the men involved, John Stemberger, Founder of OnMYHonor.Net, said that they will not question a boys’ sexuality nor will they refuse to admit gays.

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