Trey Gowdy appeared on Fox News’ “The First 100 Days” with Martha MacCallum to discuss the 9th Circuit Court’s decision on President Trump’s executive order.

Rep. Gowdy explained that U.S. citizens are entitled to the “full panoply” of constitutional rights and due process.  But, it’s a different story for someone in Yemen who’s never been to the United States, and who just wants “to visit Graceland.” “They’re not entitled to any due process. They’re not entitled to any constitutional protections,” said Rep. Gowdy.

He continued, “You have to have a different evidentiary basis depending on the category at bar.   U.S. citizens is one category.   If you have a visa, and you have relied upon that visa to either rent an apartment or put your kids in school, then you do have certain property interests that you would want protected.  Therefore, you’re entitled to due process.  So, I think his executive order is pretty easily remedied, and you can remedy it without going to the U.S. Supreme court.”

But, he suggested that while anyone familiar with the 9th circuit court “is not surprised by their decision,” if viewers were familiar with the facts of the case they relied upon to make that decision…”they would be outraged,” he said.