Election integrity volunteers from 32 states met in Houston, Texas, for True the Vote’s 2013 National Summit on April 12 and 13. Speakers this year included chief elections officers from four states, Mexico’s director of elections, and numerous experts in all aspects of electoral integrity.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach explained to the crowd that photo ID laws do a considerable amount of good, but he cautioned people against thinking of them as cure-alls. Kobach elaborated, “In some states that have a photo ID law that affects what people do when they come to the polling place, it just pushes organizations that want to commit voter fraud into [the] mail-in route.” Kobach added that Kansas also has protections for mail-in ballots, as well as ensuring the voter registration process is legal. In Kansas voters must present proof of citizenship when they register.

Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler was asked about one of the constitutional principles of our Republic whereby each state runs its own elections and writes its own election laws:

It is good that different states can have different systems. They’re able to experiment and do things. Kansas has done a lot with respect to photo Identification, proof of citizenship at the time of registration and they’ve shown great success with it. We can, whether it’s Colorado or other states, look at their successes and duplicate those successes.

J. Christian Adams, an attorney specializing in election law and author of Injustice, commented on the recent moves by the Left to make major changes in voting laws. Adams said there was a meeting of many of the major left-wing groups in January of this year, commenting:

They got together and said, “How do we permanently change America?” And they came up with three things, and one of them is elections process, voter integrity issues, how elections are run. They recognize that how you run elections, what the rules of the game are, is essential for their bigger agenda. They get it, and they’re pouring millions of dollars into it because they know if they win on the election process issues, then they win on the pro-life issues, and they win on the tax issues, and they win on the gun issues and they win on everything else.

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