The new administration is considering implementation of some accountability re: U.S. interests within our U.N. participation.

Good.  Accountability and control is good.   But, there’s also the option of pulling out entirely.   Spend that money here!

CNSNews – Several United Nations agencies that are among the biggest recipients of U.S. taxpayer dollars have given leadership positions to U.S.-designated state sponsors of terrorism and countries with poor records on human rights and religious freedoms. That funding could be in jeopardy if a draft presidential executive order becomes a reality.

The draft order would create an accountability committee to recommend where U.S. funding to bodies across the global U.N. system could be reduced or reallocated, in line with U.S. policy interests.

“The purpose of the accompanying executive order is to ensure better alignment between United States national interests and U.S. monetary support to the United Nations and other international organizations,” it states.

Among specific targets identified in the draft order, which was first reported on by the New York Times last month, are any U.N. agencies that are deemed to be “controlled or substantially influenced by” state-sponsors of terrorism or systematic human rights abusers.

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