There is no doubting that the U.S. Government wastes BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars on ridiculous programs, grants and initiatives.  The Trump administration has only just begun to seek those out and reduce or eliminate funding.   Under the Obama administration, the United States began giving tens of millions of dollars to the United Nations Population Fund.   Under previous administrations, the funding for this particular U.N. initiative was barred because of its involvement with China’s state-run ‘planned birth’ program…i.e. – forced population control.

The Trump administration has confirmed that it will no longer fund the program.

CNS News reports – The Trump administration said Monday it was ending funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), long a target of conservatives over concerns that its work in China abets the communist authorities’ controversial population limitation programs.

The administration’s first confirmed cut to a U.N. agency will cost the UNFPA $32.5 million.

Its budget proposal for fiscal year 2018 calls for unspecified reductions to contributions to the U.N. budget, and further “seeks to reduce or end direct funding for international organizations whose missions do not substantially advance U.S. foreign policy interests, are duplicative, or are not well-managed.”

The move comes as a follow up to President Trump’s decision, three days after his inauguration, to restore Reagan-era policy that denies federal funding to abortion-supporting or promoting groups.

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