“Typical white people,” according to the president, are afraid of blacks, because we are racists, of course, like his grandmother.  We “cling to guns and Bibles,” because we are “frustrated,” all Bush’s fault you see.  According to the president, his crowd should “get up in our faces,” and vote “revenge” so as to “spread the wealth.”  If you started a business and worked hard to be a success and create jobs, “You didn’t build that,” he says. “Somebody else built that.”

Our people get murdered in Benghazi, and it’s some Islamophobe’s fault.  A jihadist murders soldiers at Ft. Hood, and it’s not terrorism perpetrated by a Palestinian fanatic, rather, it is “workplace violence.”  Hurricane Sandy?  Blame global warming which is the fault of oil companies, and, Bush owned one so it’s his fault.  Oh, and Henry Ford, too, but he didn’t build that…

Obama says we suffer from Romnesia, infected by the murderer who stole from the poor and outsourced to get rich because he don’t care, and he don’t pay no taxes, the new Massa on the plantation, lookin’ to “put y’all in chains,” sayeth Joe the Blow.

Forward! (?)

Thanks to the president’s friends in the Black Panther Party, we get to find out what it’s like “to have a black man rule ya,” for another four years.

Washington, and most Presidents, had the idea their job was to serve the people.  Obama has the idea he has a right to “rule” us.  This is what he calls the “change” that has “come to America.”

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