A prominent Army general, bolstered by other military and defense leaders, contends President Obama’s preferred counterinsurgency policy is proving to be “devastating” for America and rewarding to its enemies.

Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, now retired, was deputy commanding general in the Army’s Pacific Command, is founder of Stand Up America and has been a military analyst for Fox News.

Vallely says Obama has so degraded and demoralized the military in multiple ways – including a major purge of senior officers, with almost 200 relieved of duty over Obama’s five years as commander-in-chief and nine generals this year alone – that those remaining cannot speak out for fear of being forced out of the military.

Essentially, Obama’s counterinsurgency, or COIN, doctrine is a form of warfare that makes soldiers trained to fight tank battles shift to a combat style that emphasizes politics, cultural awareness and protecting the local population from insurgent attacks, Vallely said.

The result looks like failure, he said.

“Today Iraq, which is still wracked by violence and heavily influenced by Iran, has provided no victory for America, and Americans do expect victory when the U.S. expends great losses of life and thousands of wounded and dead troops,” Vallely said.
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