Sharyl Attkinson hosted Rep. Henry Cuellar on her show, “Full Measure,” to discuss the issue of home nations not taking back criminals that we want to deport for committing crimes in the United States.

Rep. Cuellar confirmed his concern over the large number of countries (approx. 30) who have refused to accept the deportation (i.e. -return) of criminal illegals aliens.

He suggests that despite there being a law which allows the United States to hold visas from a country who does not take back its criminals, it isn’t being enforced.



Sharyl: What is the issue with criminals that we want to deport being taken back by their home nations?

Rep. Henry Cuellar: There are about 30 countries that have been very difficult to work with that won’t take back their criminals but at the same time we’re issuing business visas or student visas to those countries. So while we’re giving them the opportunity to come to the United States, they’re refusing, should I say, to take back the criminal aliens that belong to those countries. We found out that there’s a law already that allows us to hold those visas if a country’s not planning to take back their criminals.

Sharyl: We’re not enforcing that law?

Rep. Cuellar: We’re not enforcing it which is amazing.

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