The Obama administration issued a quiet warning to Egypt on Thursday using diplomatic and veiled language: Quit arresting members of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the United States will freeze up aid.

Muslim-Brotherhood-backed Mohammed Morsi was toppled from his presidency by Egypt’s military on July 3. Since, Muslim Brotherhood members have been rallying in Cairo, calling for his return to office.

The United States, which backed Mr. Morsi’s presidency, is continuing to provide aid to the nation, but has been watching the chaos, trying to determine the best national security strategy.

Meanwhile, the new military powers have been detaining key members of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the group’s spiritual leader and nine other leading Islamists, accusing them of inciting riots, The Associated Press reported.

The White House advised Egypt’s government to cease and desist.

“The only way this is going to work successfully for the Egyptian people is if all parties are encouraged and allowed to participate and that’s why we’ve made clear that arbitrary arrests are not anything that we can support,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said, AP reported.