The UNHRC, the United Nations Human Rights Council, met last week for a session in Geneva.

Before discussing the UNHRC, I’m going to rant for a bit about the UN in general.

Can we, once and for all, just dissolve the United Nations?! They have proven, time after time, that they are no friend of the United States and certainly the enemy of our only true ally in the Middle East, Israel.

Over the years, we’ve paid the majority of the dues and the UN building itself sits upon some of the world’s most prized real estate.

Yet this odd collection of nanny socialists and despots continually blames us and especially Israel for most of the world’s problems.

We invite them all into our country, extend them every deference and they repay us by dumping on our country and our ally. It’s like paying the schoolyard bully to beat on you.

But as bad as they treat us, it’s nothing compared to how they treat Israel.

I frankly haven’t seen a larger collection of anti-Semites in one place since the fall of Nazi Germany.

The worst of the offenders are those in the UNHRC.

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