We are giving a gift of aircraft and tanks to Dictator Mohammad Morsi of Egypt. That’s the same Morsi who hates us and Israel. The same Morsi who has transformed Egypt into a Sharia’h-compliant country by force.

He is paying for the equipment with money we sent him.

I reported on this story in mid-December but now it has really happened.

F-16′s were flown to Egypt today. Thanks to the US, Egypt has the most formidable army in the region and the 4th largest Air Force.

We’re also sending 200 tanks as if the aircraft wasn’t enough.

What is the upside of this?

Why couldn’t we send them food and clothing or business people to provide them with the acumen to develop a free enterprise system? Why equip their military?

We are told that we need to keep their military on our side but Morsi has already replaced the military leaders with his Brotherhood thugs.

Morsi is no friend to the US or Israel.

Morsi said on September 21st of this past year that amending his country’s peace treaty with Israel [1979 peace accords] is just “a matter of time.” He wants Egypt in full control of the Sinai Peninsula. Morsi added that the 1979 accord “preserves Israel‘s national security more than Egypt’s, which constitutes a blatant violation of Egyptian sovereignty,” and that it would not endure under Egypt’s new leaders.

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