No one can understand the plight of the massive US Veteran community, better than the Veteran Warriors. Beginning Tuesday, November 12, 2013, a small group of disabled veterans representing all branches of our military is schedule to meet with 12 legislators and 2 subcommittees in Washington, D.C. I hope these legislators are ready. From what I understand, these Veteran Warriors are determined to win the fight for a total overhaul of a failing Veterans Administration.

Two weeks ago, the House Committee on Veterans Affairs held hearings on Veterans Administration case backlogs. I watched and listened to these hearings. With the exception of a few Congressmen—those that actually served—much of what I heard was an exercise in false self-righteous indignation, shifting the blame, shameless finger pointing and deception. “Thank you for your service to our nation,” has become a platitude in American political circles.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs, administered by Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Retired U.S. Army General Eric Shinseki— a member of President Obama’s “the buck stops here” executive cabinet —is under fire for a confirmed culture of corruption, fraud and incompetence plaguing an unprepared and poorly managed Veterans Administration (VA).

I recently spoke with Lauren Price of Veteran Warriors about the ongoing mess at the VA. Lauren is amazing. Price is retired Navy, a disabled Veteran, the wife of a disabled Navy veteran, mother of a disabled Army veteran, a grandmother and the Public Affairs Representative for the Veteran Warriors.

She is also terminally ill. She suffers from a disease she acquired will serving in Iraq known as Constrictive Bronchitus.

For the past 5 years, Lauren Price—a former paralegal in civilian life—and a small group of military veterans, investigated, documented, catalogued and summarized the core issues and problems plaguing the VA. The Veteran Warriors have also—on their own time and dime—developed a simple plan to restructure and overhaul the second largest department in our government. They are now taking their case and there plan to Congress. They need America’s support.

The Veteran Warriors proposal to overhaul the VA can be found here.

Fed up with band-aid approaches and failures of poorly thought out and wasteful legislation like the 2008 Benefits Delivery at Discharge Program, this group of former military members, is determined to improve a long neglected, cost inefficient and unproductive VA; not only for their fellow service members and veterans, but for the taxpayer.

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