What is the game plan? Where is the United States headed? Most people appear to be oblivious to what is actually doing on throughout the world and especially within America.

We are seeing our rights eradicated on a constant basis. We are watching police units throughout America become more aggressive and tyrannical. Unconstitutional laws have allowed police to legally steal from innocent people, anything from money to homes.

Detroit has just claimed bankruptcy. They’re not the first city to do so, but one of the largest. To make matters worse, Detroit used to be called the Motor City for a reason. It was home to large automobile manufacturers that employed thousands upon thousands of people. Several things have changed everything. Robotics has replaced the human being and many of the jobs that were once done by people are now being done by robots. Moreover, unions – while starting out to be a very good thing for the worker – got to be as corrupt and demanding as management was before unions existed. Because of it, companies could no longer afford to pay workers $40/hour or more to insert a few screws into part of a car as it rolled along the assembly line.

Now, with the tremendous poverty that is seen in Detroit, it also appears that the Chinese are coming in and buying up whatever they can at rock bottom prices. By the way, this is a favorite trick of the elite. During the housing crisis, who benefited? If you said the elite, you are correct. As homeowner after homeowner lost their home to big banking, the elite came in and bought those homes for often much less than they were worth, knowing full well that eventually, the value would go up. This is what the Chinese are doing now in Detroit.

Aside from this, millions upon millions of jobs have been shipped overseas because labor is extremely cheap. The people who produce the products Americans use and wear are paid slave wages literally. They live in abject poverty because Americans have priced themselves out of the job market and in order for companies to remain competitive, they feel they’ve had to go where they can produce their products the cheapest.

It seems though that the global elite has had a large hand in destroying the industrialized areas of America. It’s as if the hands of time are going backwards, taking America back passed its beginnings and is designed to leave us as a third world country. Is that the direction, the plan?

Today, millions upon millions of people are on welfare. In fact, more than 100 million Americans rely on welfare. Part of the problem is the lack of decent jobs in America. More and more people who do work are being forced into part-time jobs and having to have more than one part-time job to survive. We are quickly becoming a fast food nation with respect to jobs. This type of system cannot continue as it is unchecked. Eventually, the money will run out and then what will all those people do who have been receiving entitlements from Uncle Sam? Just let your brain take you where it seems the natural answer lies.

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