WaPo (the Washington Post) had an article in The Plum Line today titled, ‘Why millennials will come around on Obamacare’. It delineated the reasons as to why millenials will buy into health insurance.

They are:

  • Mom and dad will pressure them
  • Going without insurance sucks (WaPo is very cool using the language of the millenials)
  • Millenials aren’t invincible
  • IT’S THE LAW  (even though the young are ‘relatively likely to break the law’, they will ‘eventually play by the rules’, the article states). The author omitted the fact that the LAW also allows them to take the fine over the insurance.
  • Millenials don’t understand subsidies yet (it hasn’t ‘sunk in’, the article states). There’s an unacceptable level of condescension towards the intelligence of the young here.

Aside from all the insults, the WaPo author wants to inflict a guilt trip. He says it’s IMMORAL to not buy insurance.


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