Warren Buffet believes that the super-rich should pay more taxes, a minimum of 30 to 35 percent. And why not? Buffett already has his fortune. He won’t be taxed on the money he already has. By taxing new money, Buffett and those like him eliminate competition. New competitors won’t have extra capital to purchase stocks like he’s been able to do.

Let’s get Mr. Buffett to turn over money he’s already earned to even out what he’s calling on the government to do with current investors. This would help to level the playing field.

Buffett can’t believe the government is going to use any new money wisely given its dismal track record.

Do you think Buffett would ever invest in a company that was run like the federal government? If there’s one thing businessmen know, when money is spent, it’s their money, and there’s no easy way to get more money if they run out. They can’t steal it; they can’t force people to give it to them; it’s expensive to borrow; they have to pay it back with interest; and they can’t raise their debt ceiling when financial times get rough.

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