Watch it happen.  2014 will surely be the year that New York City schools close for Muslim holidays. Both mayoral candidates, radical progressive Bill de Blasio, and Republican candidate, Joe Lhota, support the idea. In a most bitter irony, the city that witnessed the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11 will be largest school district to close for Islamic holidays. CAIR/Hamas will see that it happens, as will the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee. But it appears they’ve already won.

Of all the cities to close schools for Muslim holidays, one would think that NYC would be the last city to want this to happen. The 9/11 jihad was only 12 years ago, and the wound is still raw. But forget the treacherous, murderous Islam that brought America to its knees. Now Islam is all about “peace” and for the sake of political correctness, and radical progressive sympathies, it’s time to celebrate Islam. It’s time to give their holidays the same equal treatment that Christian and Jewish holidays have in NYC schools.

Bill de Blasio has already been identified as an active supporter of communist Nicaraguan Sandinistas by Pamela Geller, and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas alliance with the PLO makes de Blasio a supporter of Islamic jihad. Thus, de Blasio is a most dangerous mayoral candidate for NYC. An Islamic sympathizer and ardent communist supporter will surely make the city more vulnerable. But also more hostile to Jews and Christians living in NYC.

De Blasio said during a campaign rally with local Muslims on Wednesday that observing Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha, a celebration during hajj, would help to recognize the city’s large Muslim population and wouldn’t take away from the education kids get.

“A child who has an exam on a day that right now is one of the Eid holidays, they’re either respecting their religious obligation or they’re doing what their education requires of them,” de Blasio said, according to the New York Daily News. “They can’t do both under our current system.

It is more than obvious that de Blasio is doing his leftist, progressive duty to cater to Muslims in NYC. As surely as he will close schools for Muslim holidays, he will force the NYPD to end racial profiling.

De Blasio said, “You can look it up all over: I’m the only Democrat who believes in the three core pieces of the reform package necessary to change the situation: a new police commissioner; a ban on racial profiling, and an independent, and I emphasize the word independent, Inspector General.”

De Blasio might not get everything done that he wants, but if elected, he will certainly make any kind of profiling a crime. If he wants to get a new police commissioner, this will surely happen.