When I prep my radio show every day, Tony and I don’t focus on one website or watch one news organization or cable channel to get our news.  We look at all sides because we cover the spin-doctors as well as the experts who cite their opinions with facts.  When I watch the lap-dog media take polls that reflect positive for Obama in a different light and call those that reflect positive for Romney flawed, I can’t help but snicker at the hypocrisy.

The media touts that the undecided voter will actually decide this election.  For me it seems almost impossible to consider there are people out there who by all counts (according to the media) have yet to decide who they want as their next President.  What bothers me is the rest of us voters who have been decided for quite some time about who we will vote for, seems to be discarded as if we are leftovers (especially the conservative voter).  Now, if it is true that Evangelical Christians are the largest voting block nationally why does the lap-dog media attack that group as often as they do? Even Hollywood takes jabs at conservatives/Christian’s every chance they get and yet are surprised when their ticket sales drop or their new show is cancelled on TV after a few episodes.  Does it not resonate with the liberal media types–including Hollywood elites–that if you continually attack people based on their belief system or moral values they hold that there will not be repercussions?

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