Is anyone as breathless as I, wondering what John Boehner will do regarding next month’s continuing resolution battle?

Will he or won’t he… cave into Democrat and squishy Republican pressure or grow a spine and finally say no to excessive government spending and the funding of Obamacare?

Oh, there’s a third option, which Republican leadership usually takes: kick the can. Surprise! That is the option Boehner hinted at last Thursday.

The Hill reported that Boehner “wants to push through a temporary spending measure that incorporates automatic cuts, upping the ante for a September budget showdown.”

Oh no… not a showdown? I hope no one gets hurt like at the O K Corral?

Boehner said: “The president’s threat to shut down the government if we implement his sequester is not a defensible position. The American people won’t stand for it, and were not going to be swayed by it.”

After all these years Boehner still doesn’t understand “The One”. Obama will be more than happy to shut down the government – or at least threatened to, knowing full well weak kneed Republicans will cave in the 11th hour.

This is the way the game is played and the only ones who don’t know the rules are the Republicans; at least the leadership.

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