By:  Marilyn Assenheim

Anthony Weiner (aka “Carlos Danger”), disgraced Congressman and NYC Democrat mayoral hopeful, refuses to…um…pull out of the race after admissions of  additional, gross misconduct. Despite wilting poll numbers due to Danger’s “electile dysfunction,” he’s going to stay in. After all, his success or failure rests with New York City’s residents. If New Yorkers trust the judgment of a guy who would broadcast photos of  his nether regions and set up an apartment for a girl, without ever having met her first, who are we to get in the way? But his wife, Huma Abedin, is another matter entirely.

On Thursday, Huma Abedin had been flogged across the airwaves by the MSM as being “intelligent”, “delicate”, “brave” and was lauded for “standing by her man.” The degenerate Weiner had “made a mistake.” Several, actually. Why the deafening cacophony of praise? Because Abedin and the State Department are under Senate investigation. The MSM is trying to deflect damaging public scrutiny of Abedin/Hillary/State Department wrongdoing. If the investigation sinks Abedin, it might also derail a potential presidential run by Hillary Clinton in 2016. Abedin and Hillary are indiscrete in more ways than one.

According to FOX News “Abedin is facing her own troubles — less salacious than her husband’s, but potentially more severe.” Abedin was Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at the State Department. The title changed, according to Politico, when Abedin took maternity leave during the summer of 2012. Clinton awarded her bosom buddy of 15 years the title of “special government employee.” Abedin’s part-time labors on behalf of the State Department netted her an annual salary of $135,000; $155,000 with benefits. The status change was kept secret. It was unearthed by The Politico in May, 2013. Being a “special government employee” gave Abedin plenty of time with her new family but it also permitted Abedin to pursue other, more lucrative jobs while on the government payroll.  For example, as a consultant for Teneo. Teneo trades stocks and bonds. Abedin’s security clearance and access to insider trading information is at issue here, among other possible infractions. Such as keeping her nose in the government feeding trough at taxpayer expense while rooting for truffles in greener pastures. Abedin’s part-time consulting gig  with Teneo harvested an additional $355,000 annually. Bill Clinton is a board member of Teneo. According to a witness, Abedin was also employed, during that time, privately by no less than four entities: Hillary, the State Department, Teneo and the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation. Heckuva gig for a stay-at-home mom.

The Senate investigation, headed by Senator Charles Grassley (R., IA), has, thus far, not received a single document requested from either the State Department or Abedin.  Grassley wrote to Abedin: “I am concerned that the ‘special government employee’ designation blurs the line between public and private sector employees, especially when employees receive full-time salaries for what appears to be part-time work…” Abedin responded with a letter denying any wrongdoing. Well, there it is; she says so, so it must be true…right?

Abedin’s career has morphed again. Since March, Abedin has been working exclusively for Hillary, fronting Clinton’s post-State Department transition team. Abedin’s career-hopping, favored treatment by Clinton is not just a one-off event. According to Politico: “It’s similar, in many respects, to the way many Clinton aides were paid for years while she was a senator…Other loyalists, such as longtime Clinton aide Kelly Craighead and other confidants, later went on to lucrative work with Clinton-allied organizations…One source familiar with the (State Department) insisted it is not uncommon.”

Abedin staunchly declared to the press that she is in love with Weiner. Doubtful. What she is in love with, however, is power. She is following the lessons picked up while squatting at her mentor’s feet. Hillary has a long history of  pursuing criminal activity while clutching the coattails of men. She pleaded “no contest “to at least five fundraising schemes, was implicated in the Whitewater scandal, defrauded former clients while with the Rose Law Firm, pleaded a loss of memory no fewer than 250 times during Congressional hearings, and parlayed insider information of the stock market into a personal gain of hundreds of thousands of dollars, just to name a few. She was the first FLOTUS to come under criminal investigation; a special prosecutor stated that she’d narrowly avoided indictment only because of her status as First Lady. She’s even sidestepping State Department ineptitude and the Benghazi disgrace successfully.

Hillary is the venal, incompetent tool the left is pitching as the first female president. The public seems to be catching. Abedin must stand by Weiner as Hillary stood by her trouser-snake of a husband in order to replace criminality with loyalty in the public’s consciousness; if that dodge continues to work, the jackass won’t be Democrat; it will be us.