Allen West has strong words for Speaker Boehner, arguing against the notion of allowing Obamacare to ‘implode’. Allen West says a leader wouldn’t allow the American people to suffer under Obamacare just to score political points. That would put them in the same camp as President Obama, he adds. West believes a leader would put the American people’s suffering over the politics of the issue and defund Obamacare to stop it in its tracks:

CAVUTO: You’re right that there’s another way to look at this, that it would be the president bringing on the shutdown. But I think the speaker and other mainstream Republicans, if you will, have said it’s going to be on Republicans, that it’s going to look like the last government shutdown. They’re going to get the blame, they’re going to get the heat – what do you think of that?

WEST: But see that’s the politics of it. And I will be very honest and clear, that’s such a failure of leadership. That’s such a failure to be able to concisely articulate the problems with this and show the American people a clear solution – like what I just did. And you know, look, I was born and raised in Georgia and went to the University of Tennessee. I’m not some Harvard educated gentlemen. But if I an understand that and I can explain it, just like conversation you and I have had, then why can’t Speaker Boehner, the majority leader in the House, the Minority Leader Mitch McConnell explain that just as well?

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