Hobby Lobby is standing up to the Federal Government. It’s refusing to pay for contraceptives that are abortifacients. An abortifacient is a substance that induces an abortion. It’s a post-conception drug, therefore, it does not come under the definition of a contra (against) conception.

This new healthcare mandate goes beyond paying for contraception. It’s a gross violation of our rights. It’s too bad that we have so many low-information voters and parasites that are fed daily by the welfare state.

Hobby Lobby is a national arts and crafts retailer with more than 500 stores in 41 states that employs more than 22,500 peoples nationwide.

The owners run their company on Christian principles. They’re no different from Jewish butchers who sell Kosher meats. In fact, there are lots of businesses that are run on specific religious principles. No one has to work for these companies. If you or I don’t like the religion of these business owners, then we don’t have to purchase their goods or services.