With “same-sex marriage” proponents winning victory after victory, free-speech rights under attack, the Constitution daily ignored by the Obama administration and fearsome agencies like the IRS, NSA and Justice Department turned against the American people, there’s precious little news these days of victories for the common man, for liberty, for fundamental rights.

And yet, there are important legal victories taking place, many under the national news radar but highly significant nevertheless.

Just ask the residents of Carroll County, Maryland.

The First Amendment

In recent decades, atheists have aggressively sought to extinguish all vestiges of Christianity from public life, citing the familiar but incorrect idea that the Constitution calls for the “separation of church and state.” Christmas trees now are “holiday” trees, kids get a “winter” break, and Nativity scenes and other traditional Christian displays have disappeared from the public square.

Among the issues are protests of Christian symbols on public grounds, threats against Christians in the military for publicly expressing their views and anti-Christian crusader Mikey Weinstein‘s pronouncement, “We are at war with a subset of evangelical Christianity … how many? Roughly 12.6 percent of the American public or 38 million people.”

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