Every time I read a TSA molestation story, I’m baffled as to why Americans still put up with it. I suppose there isn’t really a whole lot we can do. There’s no way Congress would ever agree to dismantle it and leave airport security completely to the airports. Our government doesn’t know how to decrease the size of government; it only knows how to grow it.

People see through the TSA’s fake security measures. They see that the TSA treat everybody like a terrorist unless someone is wearing a TSA uniform, in which case he can steal people’s iPads, jewelry, clothing, and other valuables, and even smuggle drugs through the airport as long as he’s bribed with enough money. Yep, those are the people that are employed by the Transportation Security Administration to make sure everybody’s safe from terrorists.

People see the blatant hypocrisy in how the TSA creates a job haven for child molesters and other criminals. People are legitimately outraged by these things, so why doesn’t Congress “do something” about it? Our representatives who helped create the TSA don’t represent those outraged people. They represent themselves and their own interests, and part of our government’s job is to convince these outraged citizens that the TSA is actually in the people’s best interests too. Well, as long as these blue terrorists molest us at airports “for our own good,” people will never be convinced that the agency is in our best interests.

A recent TSA outrage comes out of Dallas where a wheelchair-bound 12-year-old girl named Shelbi Walser was detained by the blue shirts for nearly an hour for having explosive residue on her hands. ABC News stated:

 “Shelbi Walser, 12, has brittle bone disease, and was flying to Tampa, Fla., to receive treatment on Sunday when she was randomly selected for an explosives screening on her way through security. Tammy Daniels, Walser’s mother, said that her daughter tested positive for explosives when a screener swabbed Walser’s palms and fingers. Daniels was separated from her daughter for an hour while the situation was sorted out. All she was able to do was film the incident and her embarrassed daughter crying.”