Gene Sperling Gives Speech On U.S. Economic Policy

Is the press corps getting some balls (to put it crudely but graphically)? Are they finally prepared to challenge the President’s untruthful assertions on facts that are crucial to understanding policy?

None other than NBC’s David Gregory today pressed Obama’s chief economic advisor, Gene Sperling, whether his boss told the truth in the third presidential debate that “the sequester is not something that I’ve proposed. It is something that Congress has proposed.”  Sperling finally wilted under the pressure of tough questioning to  admit that “yes, in fact, the sequestration was President Obama’s plan.”

Sperling actually admitted nothing new as I chronicled in my With the Sequester, President Obama Argues With President Obama. Jack Lew, in his confirmation hearings, conceded on February 13 that the sequester originated in the White House. On Tuesday February 19, press spokesman Jay Carney admitted “The sequester was something that was discussed… and as has been reported, it was an idea that the White House put forward.”

Of course, these clear admissions that Obama parented the sequester are being furiously spun (The Republicans made him do it), but the words are not subject to misinterpretation. So it is true.  Obama is fighting against his own program, while blaming his opponents! It can’t be clearer than that.

Despite this conclusive evidence that Obama himself proposed the sequester, the media sat on its hands as the President falsely excoriated the Republicans for originating and insisting on the sequester. They stood by as the President ludicrously accused the Republicans of deliberately inflicting harm on sick children so that their filthy rich supporters could have their corporate jets.  The press spread the myth that the President was above the fray and was working hard to save ordinary Americans from his vicious foes.

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