As Americans recoiled in horror while U.S. lawmakers sheepishly complained and supposedly worked to rein in the Obama administration’s increasingly outrageous usurpation of Congress’ constitutional legislative authority, the White House was releasing a video again boasting of the president’s ongoing unconstitutional plots to bypass the legislature and rule by decree. Even some of the staunchest Obama apparatchiks have expressed alarm over the growing lawlessness and the accelerating destruction of the separation of powers. Lawmakers, though, despite being openly mocked, are essentially doing nothing to stop it.

Under heavy pressure, members of Congress have responded to the lawless “executive action” abuses with harsh words and multiple bills — all of which will almost certainly be vetoed by Obama should they make it through the Democrat-controlled Senate. Despite the rhetoric and complaining, however, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives has refused to use the one constitutional and pragmatic tool at its disposal to stop the usurpation: Cutting off all funding for it. Instead, perhaps under the impression that voters do not know any better, Republicans continue to fund Obama’s anti-constitutional antics.

Faced with a Congress that will no longer fully cooperate with his radical agenda — at least not openly, where constituents might find out — Obama has increasingly turned to imposing his will on America by fiat and decree. Indeed, in recent years, the administration has bypassed Congress on everything from gun control, education, and war to “global warming” and immigration. Rather than proceed quietly, however, this year, Obama is brazenly trumpeting his plans to keep behaving more like a Third World dictator than a U.S. President sworn to uphold the Constitution and faithfully execute the laws.

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