The White House recently came to Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-Calif.) rescue, defending her 2013 assault weapons ban against a seething White House petition to have her tried for treason.

The petition, which was created on December 27th, 2012 and has more than 41,000 signatures, opposed Sen. Feinstein’s 2013 assault weapons ban and called for the California Senator to be tried by a federal court for treason against the Constitution.

“The Constitution was written to restrain government. No amendment is more important for this purpose than the second amendment,” the petition reads. “[It] was written so the power could be kept in the citizenry in the face of a tyrannical government.”

The petition also stated that Sen. Feinstein “has made it clear that she does not believe in the Constitution and the inalienable rights of Americans to keep and bear arms” and through her 2013 assault weapons ban, she is “actively working to destroy the second amendment.”

However the harsh words against the Democratic Senator were countered by an official response from the White House. The response appears to have been conveniently released over the Memorial Day weekend but Red Alert Politics is unable to determine the exact date of the response.

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