The White House “systematically” delayed regulations on the environment, worker safety and health care to prevent them from becoming issues during the 2012 election, according to the Washington Post.

Ah yes, the post-political president. The man corrupted the policy process in order to get reelected, essentially deceiving voters about what he would be up to once he had the presidency safely in his pocket again, disguising his true intentions by putting them off.

From the story, a great piece of journalism by veteran reporter Juliet Eilperin:

Some agency officials were instructed to hold off submitting proposals to the White House for up to a year to ensure that they would not be issued before voters went to the polls, the current and former officials said.

The delays meant that rules were postponed or never issued. The stalled regulations included crucial elements of the Affordable Care Act, what bodies of water deserved federal protection, pollution controls for industrial boilers and limits on dangerous silica exposure in the workplace.

And of course, they lied about it. It’s getting to the point where I wouldn’t believe this White House if they said night had fallen.

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