This week in the ridiculous political temper tantrum that is our government’s superficial shutdown, our president has made it abundantly clear he rules by (oh so) petty dictatorship.

War memorials are being barricaded left and right — outdoor structures that are not staffed to begin with — and Obama even ordered the ocean closed. The ocean. The National Park Service was ordered to close 1,100 square miles of the Florida Bay to fishing boats and rangers have been sent out to stand post and enforce the closure.

The White House set up barricades in front of the parking lots at George Washington’s Mount Vernon home, even though it is a privately owned non-profit. (They were later removed once the ‘mistake‘ was realized.)

Officials even went so far as to demand that orange cones be strategically placed so people can’t pull over their cars and view Mount Rushmore from the highway.

Now residents who lease land at Lake Mead have been told to evacuate their homes. Christie Vanover, a spokeswoman for the Lake Mead Recreational Area, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “They are all vacation homes and everybody who lives in them are considered visitors. If anybody needs to gather their personal belongings, we’re not going to deny them access. They can go do that. They just can’t spend the nights there or have barbecues during the day. They need to get in and get out.”

Some residents have lived there for 25 years. They were given a mere 24 hours to evacuate.

Well, if that’s the case, then shouldn’t President Obama and his family be forced out of the White House? It is, after all, federal property, correct?

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