Donald Trump has been speaking out to the black community suggesting that they “try something new” this November.

The premise of what he’s saying is – Why do you continue to vote Democrat, when your situation never improves?  In fact, under Obama – things have gotten progressively worse.  Hillary Clinton will only continue the same policies. Why don’t you try something different, and see how it will work?

This was topic of discussion at yesterday’s White House press briefing.

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Q: Let me ask you a follow-up to Michelle’s questions about Donald Trump and the African American population and so on. Hyperbole and rhetoric perhaps aside to some extent, the charge is essentially that the African American community is worse off in some ways under President Obama than before, over the last seven or eight years or so.  And yes, I know part of the answer is that the unemployment rate has been cut significantly in that particular, community, but there are other measures, as you know, like the rate of poverty, homeownership, median income, and others that are not — that are worse off.

So again, some of the hyperbole aside and some of the rhetoric aside, isn’t it a fair criticism that the African American community, minority communities in some ways are worse off now, eight years after President Obama?

MR. EARNEST:  Well, look, even the Republican leader in the United States Senate acknowledged about a year ago that the American people are better off since President Obama took office.  And so I think you’d be very hard-pressed to make a case that somehow the African American population in the United States is somehow not better off based on President Obama’s tenure in —

Q    But there are metrics that suggest that is the case — homeownership rates, labor force participation rates, the poverty rates.  There are 1 and 2 percent changes, but these are significant.  And 

MR. EARNEST:  Well, I think what the President would say is that — and I would — I think the point here is, the President has never made the case that the work is finished, that the job is done.  I think the point is that President Obama is interested in being succeeded in office by someone who is committed to building on the progress that we’ve made thus far as opposed to tearing it down…

What progress Mr. Obama?  It been established, and you have acknowledged, that minorities are worse off now than when you came to office.  But, for some reason – minorities should allow you to be succeeded by someone who will continue those same policies?  To what end?

It seems the White House only serves to prove Donald Trumps’ point.   If you want things to stay the same – vote Hillary Clinton.   But, if you have any hope for change – vote for it.