Can the government be sued for false advertising?

Look at what the White House still has on their blog under Reality Check #3:

Linda Douglass of the White House Office of Health Reform debunks the myth that reform will force you out of your current insurance plan or force you to change doctors. To the contrary, reform will expand your choices, not eliminate them.

THE PRESIDENT: Here is a guarantee that I’ve made. If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. If you’ve got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor. Nobody is trying to change what works in the system. We are trying to change what doesn’t work in the system.

Some lies just won’t die.

We now know that we won’t keep our insurance plans, doctors or hospitals in many cases and only if we pay a lot more.

In addition to the fact that exchanges are expected to pay rates slightly better than Medicaid, the NY Post reports that out of the 1.6 million who signed up for Obamacare, 1.46 million of them signed up for Medicaid, the government’s free healthcare plan which provides subpar service and fewer choices of doctors. This could bankrupt the federal government and the states if if continues.

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