Vice President Joe Biden told CNN’s Kate Bolduan in an interview aired on “New Day” Friday morning that the American people agree with the vast majority of President Barack Obama’s legislative policies. The problem with that absurd statement: They actually don’t.

“On every major issue, the public agrees with between 51 and 70 percent with the position taken by the President of the United States and the Democratic Party,” Biden told Bolduan.

If you take a deep-dive at some of the recent polls conducted that measure the president’s approval rating, however, you’ll see that the president’s approval rating on key issues like healthcare and the economy is far lower than the 51 percent Biden quoted. An aggregate average measured by HuffPost Pollster found that Obama’s approval rating on both health care policy and the economy is a measly 40 percent.

Real Clear Politics also reported similar numbers, with the site reporting that just 38 percent of Americans approve of the Affordable Care Act. In addition, a recent Washington Post-ABC News study found that just 47 percent of Americans believe that the president “understands the problems” of the average person.

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