For those of you who think the president could not have displayed greater dishonesty, more disdain for his opponent than he did in the first presidential debate, well, clearly, you didn’t see the second debate. Inadvertently, the choice the president confronted America with on November 6th could not have been made clearer.

The president must have prepped for this encounter by following Joe Biden’s lead. He smirked, he interrupted, he made jokes only drunken reporters at the back of the room found funny; he studiously ignored Governor Romney and even refused to look at the Governor when asked direct questions by him, preferring instead to speak to the “moderator”. The only occasions the president addressed Governor Romney directly were:

1. When he interrupted Governor Romney … which he did just about every time it was the governor’s turn to speak or when Candy Crowley hadn’t already done so. The president’s interjections consisted of “That’s not true”. Followed up by … silence.

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