No one in the White House knows anything and if they did know anything, they certainly wouldn’t tell President Obama. When they do know anything, they really can’t remember it anyway. President Obama gets his information when we get it, from the newspapers.

Will someone please tell Mr. Obama something about what is going on, please. It’s getting scary out there without anyone in charge. At least we have to get his newspaper subscriptions updated because he only gets his information from them when we do.

I knew about’s profound flaws on the first day thanks to a reader and if I had known he was unaware I would have tweeted him immediately since he follows me on twitter. crashed and burned before it even went online, having failed tests prior to launch when it only had a few hundred people using it, but Kathleen Sebelius never thought to mention it to the president.

Oh, wait, I forgot, she didn’t really know until a couple days in.

If Sebelius needed five years, why didn’t she take five years? They talked about testing going forward, she says? Huh?

This ‘no one knows anything’ line is a familiar refrain from the White House and it appears to work. The woman who caned my chairs told me that she couldn’t believe how mean the Republicans are to that nice young man Obama. He has so much on his mind because of them and now the website has crashed, that poor man.

Jay Carney said he’s not a computer expert and told the reporters to go talk with HHS which they dutifully did. HHS told them to call because no one knows anything at HHS.

President Obama’s five-year history of knowing nothing is too rich to detail here but I will give a synopsis….

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