Apparently, Apple has a policy that restricts the number of iPhones that customers can buy. They don’t want people buying them in bulk and then selling them overseas and making a profit. Their limit is two per customer. So, what happens when someone actually tries to buy more than the store’s limit?

In a recent incident that occurred at a mall in the Live Free or Die state of New Hampshire, an Asian woman wanted to buy more than two. When she was told that two was the limit, she video-recorded other customers who she thought were buying more than the prescribed limit and showed this to the store’s manager. This prompted the manager to throw her out and instruct her not to return.

She did return a couple days later however to pick up two iPhones that she had previously ordered online. Because the store manager had issued a “stay-away” order against her, he called the police and told them that she was not allowed to enter. Police arrived and instructed the woman to leave, but she refused. When she resisted arrest, a police officer tasered her just outside the Apple store so that she would submit to the arrest. This left bruises on her arms and shoulder.

Now, the woman’s fiancé is trying to get the trespassing and resisting arrest charges against her dropped.