Here’s a January column opening we could have written early last summer when the broad scale of the Internal Revenue Service’s intimidation of conservative political groups began emerging:

First, you’ll remember the national shock that a once-trusted if not revered federal institution had been turned into a mere enforcement arm of Chicago-style politicians using its powers to intimidate and harass political groups, most of which seemed to oppose the Chicago politician in the White House.

And all this during the two-year lead-up to his reelection bid.

As usual when faced with scandals, President Obama went into his full Sgt. Schultz-mode, claiming to know nothing, nothing at all about his administration’s employees following the demands of Democrat legislators to investigate dark groups with suspicious names like “tea party,” “9/12” and “patriots.”

Obama’s chief legal counsel just down the hall knew of the ongoing internal probe, but obviously had not had a chance to mention it to the president.

As usual, Attorney General Eric Holder was also unaware of these widespread activities receiving directions from Washington. IRS agents who, by the way, will be enforcing ObamaCare, even demanded conservative donor lists to see who was opposing this president with their money.