Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans (Photo credit: Fort Rucker)

Why would the government do that?

You may remember from earlier in April that Bob Allen wrote about incidents of missing tax refunds. People weren’t getting them. It turned out that the government had determined they had overpaid Social Security benefits and was now collecting what they claimed they were owed. In at least one case, they were collecting from an adult child what had allegedly been overpaid to the parent decades earlier. It seemed arbitrary and unjust and the government backed down after the story hit the internet.

This incident seems similar. Fox News reports:

An 89-year-old Navy veteran who came under heavy enemy fire aboard a landing craft on D-Day is accusing bureaucrats at the Department of Veterans Affairs of slashing his veterans’ benefits to $6 a month from $300.

Joseph Teson, of Watervliet, N.Y., told WNYT-TV he used to get $300 a month in benefits, about a third of which he would donate to veterans groups. He said the VA cut his benefits to recoup an overpayment of more than $3,000 that he never even noticed.

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