I could barely keep myself from falling asleep during President Obama’s Tuesday press conference. Rush Limbaugh led off his program describing it as “boring” and the answers to questions as “boilerplate.” I cannot recall a press conference that yielded less “news”.
In her weekly Wall Street Journal column Peggy Noonan wrote of “Obama fatigue” while ruminating on the opening of the George W. Bush library.
She noted that Bush’s popularity in the polls—in “a 50-50 nation”—was equal to President Obama’s; now at 47%. I’m betting we shall see Obama’s numbers continue to fall in the months and years ahead. Noonan put her finger on the cause. We are all weary and wary of Obama. And he is not even half-way into the first year of his second term.

Usually by a second term, a President has mastered the skills the job requires, but Obama not only arrived with the thinnest resume of any previous President, but he demonstrated his indifference to working with Congress and his contempt of the Supreme Court, referring to the latter as “unelected” when even school children knows they are appointees.

He left Congress to be manipulated by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. By the 2010 midterm elections, he had lost control of the House. By the start of his second term, even members of his own party in the Senate were refusing to cooperate.

In the first term Obama seemed to be everywhere including late night shows like David Letterman’s and daytime shows like “The View.” The mainstream media’s infatuation with him ensured that he was on magazine covers and, as President, he receiving front page headline news coverage. Less coverage, indeed, biased coverage, was given the turnout of an estimated million or more citizens to protest against the passage of Obamacare.

It has been Obamacare, his “signature” legislation that has greatly contributed to the disaffection that now follows the President wherever he goes. Many states refused to set up the exchanges required while others passed resolutions against its implementation. People began to discover that their premiums increased dramatically and, for some, their jobs either disappeared or were downgraded to part-time. Obamacare continues to contribute to the high rate of unemployed Americans nationwide.

The opening of the Bush library was a reminder of the thousand times Obama blamed Bush for all the ills he “inherited” upon taking office, but all Presidents encounter this problem and none spent their entire first term blaming their predecessor. It was a mark of Obama’s immaturity.

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