I have previously written here and here about appropriate tactics for patriots to take (including Christian patriots) when we come to the realization that the current government of our land is tyrannical, and moving in the direction of further, more intensive despotism.

I’d like to add another tactic to that list today; and, that tactic is deception.

I realize that as soon as I suggest that deception is an appropriate tool for the opposition of tyrants,  I’m going to lose some of my fellow Christians. However, I beg a patient audience, as I will later try to show that the Bible itself endorses this idea. And when I suggest that Scripture endorses the move to deceive tyrants, I use that word advisedly. I don’t mean to merely say that Scripture allows deception in this case. I mean that the Bible endorses it. It commends it. It holds it up in more than one place as an act of faith.

Especially since we have moved into the Information Age, the American Federal government has sought to become a master collector of information. Information is the new currency, especially in endeavors such as the War on Terror. Information is so important that the government has launched an initiative, with the Utah Data Center, to (in fact) capture every piece of electronic communication that flies through cyberspace.