America’s young people are not such a big fan of Barack Obama’s policies. According to an Economist/YouGov poll, only 43% approve of the president’s job performance.

Sure, they despised the evil corporate misogynist Mitt Romney. But with that hate-monger in the rear view mirror, they see a jobs market in free fall and paychecks flying out the window. Just being facetious about all that Romney talk, but that’s the picture of an enemy sold to the low-information young voters last election campaign as a smokescreen for Obama’s ridiculous economic policies.

And with Romney out of the picture, and after a payroll tax hike that left many voters in sticker shock for their naive views, youth approval of Obama’s policies is falling. In last year’s election, Obama won 60 percent of the youth vote. They may prefer Obama, but that doesn’t mean they like his policies when separated from his persona. (Kind of a disconnect.)

Here’s what the American economy looks like for young people sold on how they’d be raking in the money if they’d only get a college education:

  • Over a trillion dollars in outstanding student debt.
  • The average college graduate is $25,000 in debt.
  • Less than a year ago, 53% of recent college graduates were unemployed or under-employed.

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